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Elang Customized Low Pressure Single Stage Used for Air Jet Looms

Time : 2022-01-28 Hits : 52

Elang has much advantages of single stage low pressure 4.5bar air compressor ,which widely used for Air jet looms in textile industry.

  1. For one stage compression,no gear box, more simple structure, easier to service and maintenance, and less maintenance costs than two stage.
  2. Can be stable running, PM with VSD for more energy saving.
  3. Widely used for air jet looms to saving the maximum electricity costs.

Recently we visited our customers who using Elang low pressure single stage 4.5bar air compressor to see the running condition.

low pressure air compressor for Air Jet Loomlow pressure air compressor for Air Jet Loom

There are a lot of textile industry factory in Nantong City, which is famous for bed clothes. Air jet looms are widely used in the factory. Normally ask 3.7,3.8bar, if colorful clothes may ask 4.1, 4.2bar, to cover all the machines, 4.5bar is the suitable working pressure of the air compressor.

For the air delivery, normally it ask 1.0-1.3m3/min ,it depends on the air jet looms machine ,the length ,the different products, if special one, you can check with Elang sales, or you can use the Flowmeter tester to sure the actual needed air flow and working pressure.

It will be quite easy to decide which models of air compressor suitable after the working pressure and air flow confirmed.

As there is air consumption loss, we can consider the air flow margin by 10%.

The visited three factory most used 200kw 4.5bar with matched air dryer ,air tank and precision line filters.

Other popular models are :160kw 185kw 4.5bar ,which sold most ,only in Nantong one city ,we have 15-20sets /per month.

Elang provides the more professional air solutions for Injection Molding machines. Choosing Elang air compressor is to choose the energy-saving and money-saving partner!

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