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CO2 Gas Compressor Applications Introduction

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CO2 gas compressor is a compressor for conveying gas and increasing gas pressure. It is used in a wide range of chemical production. The carbon dioxide compressor is not only essential but also key equipment.

A CO2 gas compressor is a compressor used to increase the pressure and delivery of carbon dioxide. It is mainly used in urea synthesizers.When designing and using CO2 gas compressor, please note the following:

1.Carbon dioxide has a high critical temperature and can be liquefied at 31.3°C and 7.14 MPa. In winter, the cooling temperature between stages should not be too low.
2.When carbon dioxide is less than 60 MPa, it is helpful for gas compression.
3.Due to the large proportion of carbon dioxide gas, it is impractical to use an excessively high average piston speed, otherwise, the resistance of the valve will be large.
4.Carbon dioxide is corrosive because it contains a small amount of water. So there are air valves, coolers and buffer tanks, which should be stainless steel.

CO2 gas compressors can be used for for various industries:

Industrial Applications

Carbon dioxide gas is used in chemical industry production and as a raw material. For example, carbon dioxide gas is involved in refrigeration systems, welding systems, water treatment processes (to stabilize the pH of water) and the production of carbonated beverages. It is also used in the metal industry to increase the hardness of casting moulds. Carbon dioxide is present in all types of fire extinguishers to prevent oxygen from further fueling the fire. Carbon dioxide fire extinguishers are effective in managing electrical fires as well as fires caused by solvents, fuels and oils.

Chemical and Medical Applications

Carbon dioxide gas is used to make urea (used in fertilizers, automotive systems and pharmaceuticals), methanol, inorganic and organic carbonates, polyurethane and sodium salicylate. Carbon dioxide combines with epoxy compounds to form plastics and polymers. For water treatment; keeping food cool (eg dry ice); cooling, pressurizing and purifying equipment.

Electronic Application

Carbon dioxide is used in the electronics industry in the assembly of printed circuit boards, for surface cleaning and in the manufacture of semiconductor devices.

Oil Industry Application

Carbon dioxide is used for enhanced oil recovery (EOR). Production is the technique of increasing the production of oil in an oil field. Carbon dioxide is injected into a high-pressure tank, and the oil is pushed to the surface through pipes. The injection of carbon dioxide aids in oil production and reduces the viscosity of the extracted oil.

In general, CO2 gas compressors are widely used different industries. As the professional compressor manufacturer, Elang can provide the CO2 gas compressor according to different requirement. Warmly welcome to send us inquiries.