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Application of Air Compressor: Examples of Main Uses and Importance in the Glass Industry!

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The air compression system can be divided into air compressor, compressed air post-treatment, circulating water system, compressed air transmission and control system, etc. If the air end of the air compressor is a car, the compressed air transmission and control system is the road. Without a good road, no matter how good the car is, it can't run fast. Compressed air delivery and control system will directly affect the delivery capacity of compressed air, air pressure control capacity and energy consumption of compressed air system in the future.

Main uses of air compressor in glass industry:

1. Combustion supporting
It is mainly used for combustion supporting during the combustion of molten glass in the furnace of the production line to make the medium atomized to achieve full combustion as a whole. It is also used for residual material purging in the cavity of idle oil (powder and natural gas) and cavity cooling protection during fire change.

2. Medium conveying
It is mainly used for pipeline transportation and injection of coke powder. For example, ultra-fine powder in grinding workshop is transported by compressed air to each workshop through pipeline, so as to achieve more reliable transportation speed, reduce production and transportation cost, and avoid the impact of ultra-fine dust diffusion on the surrounding environment during transportation.

3. Equipment and instrument execution
The executive air of equipment and instruments is mainly used for the cooling and cleaning of pneumatic equipment in each workshop, such as the operating air source of air cylinder and pneumatic ball valve, and instrument equipment, such as camera and lens.

4. Back blowing of environmental protection dust removal system
It is used for bag or filter cartridge back blowing of dust collection equipment such as dust remover and self-cleaning air filter, and bag back blowing at the top of dust removal silo and material ash collection system in semi dry desulfurization system to fully filter particulate matter in the air.
It is used in the environmental protection denitration system. The purging of the catalyst module of the denitration tower and the purging of compressed air can reduce the pressure difference between the inlet and outlet flue gas of the denitration tower, make the flue gas fully react with the catalyst and reduce the nitrogen oxide content in the flue gas.

5. Bottle blowing technology
Compressed air is used to make molten glass into narrow neck bottles and cans, which are usually made by pressure blow molding, but compressed air needs to be supplied by air compressor system which is dried by the air dryer and filtered by the line air filter.

Importance of compressed air and risk of compressor shutdown

1. Combustion system shutdown
It will make the combustion medium of the production line unable to be atomized, affect the furnace temperature, and cause the raw materials unable to be fully burned. Some raw materials such as silica sand cannot be melted and will deposit in the tank bottom, which will make the float production line unable to produce qualified products for a long time;

2. Delivery air stop
It can be replaced by vehicle transportation, but the overall transportation speed will be reduced and the transportation cost will be increased. The most important thing is that the impact of dust on the surrounding environment will not be avoided during transportation and powder loading and unloading process;

3. Back blowing air stop
The filter element or cloth bag inside the dust removal equipment will be blocked, resulting in the failure of the dust collector, resulting in the formation of positive pressure inside the powder bin, resulting in the positive pressure explosion of the tank or the overflow of powder, resulting in the escape of powder (such as coal coke powder and lime powder), resulting in major environmental accidents;

4. Equipment and instruments perform air shutdown
The float production line adopts automatic production flow operation, and the internal equipment has a high degree of automation, such as DCS system automatic flue gas ram switching, rotary ram control, fuel reversing system, tin bath edge puller and other equipment. When the action air supply is stopped, there may be accidents such as failure to automatically change the fire, failure to control the opening of flue gas ram, tin bath glass filling and so on, The above accidents are not fully prevented, which may cause unnecessary production accidents.

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