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Common Problems with Screw Air Compressor Air End

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The cause of carbon deposits in the oil circuit of the air compressor

The reason for the formation of carbon in the rotary screw compressor is more complex, as far as the compressor Spare Parts(air filter) is concerned, large dust particles can enter through the air filter; in terms of screw compressor oil, the oil used in the internal lubrication system of the air compressor is often in contact with the high-temperature, high-pressure, high-oxygen partial pressure air and metal catalyst in the form of fog, so that the screw compressor oil is rapidly oxidized and deteriorated; on the other hand, the oil continues to evaporate so that the more recombinant oil residue exhaust pipe is continuously heated and decomposed, and dehydrogenation polymerization. Its products are mixed with mechanical impurities in the suction gas and metal abrasive chips in the compressor, deposited on the surface of the body for further heating, that is, carbon deposits.

screw compressor air endscrew compressor air end

The main hazards of carbon deposition of air compressor lubricating oil

1. It will make the lubrication of moving parts poor and shorten the service life of parts.
2. Easily clogging the filter in the oil-gas separation device.
3. Because carbon deposits also affect heat dissipation, the air compressor operates at higher temperatures for a long time.
4. It is easy to cause safety accidents (when severe, it will produce an air compressor explosion).

Air compressor carbon deposition treatment method

When the screw compressor oil circuit is processed, the cleaning agent is added to the machine, let it operate for 500 hours, and then the oil is released, and the three filters are replaced, that is, maintenance. The other is to remove the cooler, body, and tubing in the machine, buy a carbon deposit cleaning agent and mix the water into a certain proportion, and clean it by soaking and circulating with a small water pump. The cleaning of carbon deposition in air compressors, as well as disintegration cleaning, semi-disintegration cleaning, closed cleaning and other ways.

Methods for preventing carbon deposits in air compressors:

1. Prevent carbon accumulation starts from air filtration The air filter element is an important protective barrier for air compressors. Filter out the dust impurities in the air inhaled by the air compressor, and the cleaner the air inhaled, the more guaranteed the service life of the oil filter, oil and gas separation core and oil.
2. Use high-quality special lubricating oil Rotor lubricants play a vital role in the lubrication of the compressor's rotors, bearings and gears. While ensuring the cooling and lubrication of the compressor, high-quality lubricating oil can also play a vital role in the operating efficiency of the compressor, the corrosion resistance of the system and the operating life of the rotor, and more importantly, it can prevent the generation of carbon deposits.