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Comprehensive Interpretation of Elang Screw Air Compressor Motor Nameplate

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Air compressor is a device that converts the mechanical energy of prime mover (usually motor or diesel engine) into gas potential energy (pressure performance).

The motor is the input point of the electric energy consumption of the screw air compressor.

Because the air compressor works continuously for a long time, and the working environment is different. Therefore, it is different from ordinary motors:
Special service coefficient: above 1.05;
Insulation grade: F;
Protection grade: IP54 / IP23;
Temperature rise grade: Grade B;
Bearing: heavy load bearing;
The efficiency can reach more than 95%;
The starting current cannot be increased;
 The slip rate is required to be high < 1%.

1.Motor model: YE2-315S-2

From the model of the motor, we can know the energy efficiency grade, base number and pole number of the motor:
√ the energy efficiency grade of the motor is grade 1 ~ 3, and the induction motor used by most air compressors is grade 3; Permanent magnet motor is level 1 energy efficiency;
√ base number (center height) refers to the height from the motor base to the shaft center, which is also an important indicator to measure the purchase cost of motor. The air compressor motor with the same power may have two center heights. The larger the value, the better the reliability and the higher the price;
√ the number of poles is the number of magnetic poles. The air compressor motor is usually 2 or 4 poles, which is related to the number of motor revolutions. When the motor of the air compressor needs to be replaced, the center height of the base and the number of poles cannot be accommodated.

2. Rated power: 110kw

Rated power refers to the mechanical power output on the motor shaft when the motor operates under the rated operating state, and the unit is kW. It is the corresponding value of the main shaft power of the air compressor and one of the three parameters of the air compressor "air volume, pressure and power". Usually, our air compressors are operated at super power, so the actual input power should be greater than that indicated on the nameplate.

3. Rated current: 197A

It refers to the line current flowing into the stator winding when the motor is applied with rated voltage and outputs rated power, and the unit is a.

4. Rated power factor: cos ψ 0.9

Rated power factor refers to the ratio of input effective power to apparent power when the motor operates under rated operation state. This parameter is a parameter that must be used for energy-saving calculation when designing and selling energy-saving air compressors.

5. Motor efficiency: 94.3%

It refers to the ratio of output mechanical power to input electrical power when the motor is fully loaded, usually expressed as a percentage. It is an important energy consumption parameter of the air compressor. The motor efficiency is improved by a level, and the procurement cost is also increased by a lot.

6. Energy efficiency standard: GB18613-2012
7. Rated voltage and frequency: 380V / 70Hz

Rated voltage refers to the line voltage applied by the stator winding when the motor operates under the rated operating state, and the unit is V or kV.
In China, there are usually the following specifications: 380V, 660V, 6kV, 10kV / 50Hz. The greater the power of the air compressor, the higher the selection voltage, which is conducive to reducing the line loss caused by current, that is, the higher the efficiency. At the same time, according to the customer's existing power grid, for high-power air compressors, the higher the voltage, the more energy-saving.

8. Rated Revolution: 2980

Refers to the number of revolutions of the rotor of the motor under rated operation, in R / min.
 This is determined by the frequency of the power grid and the pole pair P of the motor, n = 60 frequency / P. The pole pairs P are generally 2, 4 and 6 poles. The air compressor motor is generally 2 or 4 poles. The fan motor will use 6 poles in order to pursue efficiency and noise value.

9. Insulation grade: 155 (F)

The insulation grade of motor winding determines the maximum operating temperature and allowable temperature rise of motor.

10. Protection grade: IP54

It refers to the dustproof and waterproof performance of the motor. Generally, the air compressor adopts IP54 or IP23, and the imported brand is generally IP55.

11. Service coefficient: SF1.25

It refers to the ability of the motor to exceed the rated load, which is usually identified by SF.

12. Connection method: Δ

There are two connection methods for three-phase motors: Star (y) or triangle( Δ)。 Motor star connection and triangle connection refer to the winding connection of the motor itself.