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Elang Screw Blower Introduction

Time : 2022-01-10 Hits : 45

Eland screw blowers, with pressure ranges from 0.4bar to 1.5bar, have realized electronic control with perfect control system, and many models have realized has below advantages:

1. Convenient Control for Air Delivery and Working Pressure.
 In the actual production process, it is necessary to control the air delivery and working pressure of the blower sometimes, to meet the working requirement of the pneumatic equipment. Elang screw Blowers are equipped with air intake control system, 0% ~ 100% capacity control can be realized, at the same time, it can realize 40% ~ 100% discharge pressure regulation. The real-time monitoring and effective control of the blower can be realized through the control system, the pressure and air delivery are adjusted in real time according to the requirements of the starting equipment, effectively protect the working safety and efficiency of the starting equipment;

2. Strong Anti-pollution Ability.
In the production of coal mines and other mines, dust pollution is generally serious. Although the screw blowers are generally equipped with air filters, after working for long hours, it is inevitable that dirt will enter the blowers. The pressurizing part of the screw blower is a group of mutually meshing screw rotors, this structure has strong anti-pollution ability,even if some dirt enters, it can still work normally without plugging the inlet and discharge pipes. This well adapts to the mine environment.

Elang screw blowers can be widely used in the waste water treatment, cement conveying, flue gas desulfurization, Vacuum dust collecting and etc. Below is the pictures for waste water treatment: