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High temperature in summer, maintenance of screw air compressor (Part 2)

Time : 2022-06-22 Hits : 41
9. Check whether the cooling water inlet temperature is too high, and whether the water pressure and flow are normal. For air-cooled models, check whether the ambient temperature is too high.

Generally, the inlet temperature of cooling water shall not exceed 35 ℃, the water pressure shall be between 0.3 and 0.5MPa, and the flow shall not be less than 90% of the specified flow. The ambient temperature shall not be higher than 40 ℃. If the above requirements can not be met, it can be solved by installing cooling tower, improving indoor ventilation, increasing the space of machine room, etc. You can also check whether the cooling fan works normally. In case of any fault, repair or replace it.

10. The air-cooled unit mainly checks whether the difference between the inlet and outlet oil temperatures is about 10 degrees.

If it is less than this value, check whether the fins on the surface of the radiator are dirty and blocked. If they are dirty, clean air can be used to blow away the dust on the surface of the radiator, and check whether the fins of the radiator are corroded. If the corrosion is severe, it is necessary to consider replacing the radiator assembly and whether the internal pipes are dirty and blocked, In case of this phenomenon, the circulating pump can be used for cleaning with a certain amount of acid liquid medicine. Attention must be paid to the concentration of liquid medicine and the circulating time to avoid the radiator penetrating the cavity due to the corrosion of liquid medicine.

11. There is a problem with the fan of the air cooler.

The fan doesn't work, the fan is reversed, only one of the two fans is on, etc.

12. Problems with exhaust duct installed by customers of air-cooled models.

There are too small air passing surface of the exhaust duct, too long exhaust duct, too many middle bends of the exhaust duct, too many middle bends of the exhaust duct, whether the exhaust fan is installed, and the flow of the exhaust fan is less than the original cooling fan of the air compressor.

13. Incorrect temperature sensor reading
14. Inaccurate computer reading
15. Air end problems

Generally, the bearing of the air compressor air end is required to be replaced within 20000-24000 hours, because the clearance and balance of the air compressor are guaranteed by the bearing. If the wear of the bearing increases, the heat production of the air compressor will increase, resulting in high temperature of the air compressor.

16. Incorrect specification or poor quality of lubricating oil

The lubricating oil of screw machine has strict requirements, and can not be substituted at will. The requirements in the equipment operation manual shall prevail.

17. Check whether the air filter is blocked

Air filter blockage will cause excessive load of the air compressor, which will cause high temperature if it is under loading for a long time. It can be checked or replaced according to the alarm signal of the differential pressure switch. Generally, the first problem caused by the blockage of air filter is the reduction of air production, and the high temperature of air compressor is the secondary performance.

18. Check whether the pressure is too high

Generally, the system pressure has been set before leaving the factory. If it is necessary to adjust, the rated air production pressure calibrated on the equipment nameplate shall prevail. If the adjustment is too high, the over temperature phenomenon will be caused due to the increased load of the machine. This is also the same as the previous reason. The high temperature of the air compressor is a secondary performance. The main performance is that the motor current of the air compressor rises and the air compressor is protected and shut down.

19. Oil gas separator blocked

The blockage of the oil-gas separator will cause excessive internal pressure, which will cause many problems, including high temperature. This is the same as the first two reasons. The blockage of the oil-gas separator is mainly manifested by high internal pressure.