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How to Choose Air Compressor for Sandblasting Tank

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Working principle of sand blasting system: the sand is stored in the sand blasting tank,when sandblasting is carried out, the combined valve on the sandblasting tank acts to jack up the sand sealing bracket on the sand blasting tank and pressurize the sand blasting tank; At the same time, the sand valve and boost valve under the sandblasting tank are opened; As the sand blasting tank is pressurized, the sand material is forced from the sand inlet of the sand valve to the sand outlet, and the sand material at the sand outlet of the sand valve is accelerated by boosting the air flow; The mixed flow of the accelerated sand flow passes through the sand blasting pipe to the high-speed sand blasting gun and further accelerates the sand (boost the air flow to supersonic speed) in the high-speed sand blasting gun; The accelerated sand is sprayed to the surface of the treated workpiece at a high speed to realize the surface and strengthening purpose of sand blasting operation.


The common pressure sandblasting machine is the siphon sandblasting machine. Compared with the other two types of sandblasting machines, its’ sandblasting efficiency of a single gun is lower than that of pressurized and high-pressure sandblasting machines. Each gun on this sandblasting machine needs to be equipped with an air compressor with a air delivery of at least 1m3/min, that is Elang air compressor of 7.5kW ERC-10SA, 1.0m3/min at 8bar.

10HP belt driven air compressor

Both pressurized sandblasting machine and high-pressure sandblasting machine belong to pressure feeding sandblasting machine. The sandblasting efficiency of single gun is lower than that of high-pressure sandblasting machine. The air compressor required for each gun on the pressurized sandblasting machine produces at least 2m3/min, that is Elang 15kw screw air compressor ERC-20SA, 2.2m3/min at 8bar.

20HP PM screw air compressor

The air compressor required for each gun on the high-pressure sand blasting machine shall produce at least 3 m3/min, that is Elang 22KW air compressor ERC-30SA, Elang 22kw screw air compressor is widely used for this ranges of sandblasting tank and machines.

30HP PM screw air compressor

For more details of Elang screw air compressor to be used for Sandblasting Tank and machines, please feel free to contact Elang us