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How to Clean Screw Compressor Cooler and Discharge Condensate Water for Compressor System

Time : 2022-07-01 Hits : 56

When do the Elang air compressor maintenance, in addition to the daily regular maintenance of main components, it is also suggested to pay attention to cleaning the screw air compressor cooler and discharging condensate water for the whole compressed air system.

1.Cleaning the screw air compressor cooler
Generally, the dust on the screw air compressor cooler surface shall be blowing every month and a full cleaning for every 2000 hours of operation of the air compressor. For this, we need to open the cover of the air compressor cooler vent on the fan bracket, and then purge the cooler with compressed air until the dust on the screw air compressor cooler surface is cleaned. If the surface of the air compressor cooler is dirty and difficult to clean, it is necessary to remove the cooler from screw air compressor, pour the lubricating oil into the cooler, and seal the four inlets and outlets to prevent dust from entering the air compressor cooler. Then, dry the powder on both sides or rinse with water, and then wipe the water spots on the surface and put them back. Remember, do not use an iron brush or other hard objects to scrape away the dust, because it is very likely to damage the surface of the screw air compressor cooler.

2.Discharge condensate water
Did you know that the moisture in the compressed air will condense in the oil-gas separation tank? Especially in wet weather, when the discharge temperature is lower than the atmospheric dew point, or when the cooling system stops running, more condensate water will precipitate. In this way, too much moisture in the oil will lead to the emulsification of lubricating oil and affect the safe operation of the screw air compressor.

In conclusion, the air compressor maintenance is very important to enlarge the service life of screw air compressor, for more details, please feel free to contact Elang sales.