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How to Ensure that The Compressed Air System Goes Through The Summer Safely

Time : 2021-07-02 Hits : 156

Prepare fully for the air compressor to face the most severe challenges in the four seasons of the year.
With the arrival of summer and the rise in temperature and humidity, your compressed air system will bear more water load on the air handling equipment. Under the highest compressor operating conditions in summer (122 degrees Fahrenheit), the water in the air is 650% higher than the highest temperature usually seen in winter (60 degrees Fahrenheit). Therefore, your air compressor must be fully prepared to face the most severe challenges in the four seasons of the year!

In fact, taking the following quick and simple steps can ensure a safe summer for the compressed air system:

Clean filter
With a clean filter, your vehicle will get better gasoline mileage, which is also applicable to your air compressor; when the air filter is clean, the compressor runs at a lower temperature and consumes less energy. A dirty, clogged filter will cause a pressure drop, which will cause the compressor to run at a higher level to meet demand. The performance of the filter may also be affected by additional moisture, so be sure to follow a regular maintenance schedule and add seasonal inspections.

Check ventilation
In summer, you need to pay more attention to the air filter and oil filter. It is important to check the compressor room and adjust the ventilation and air flow as needed. This is also a good opportunity to check pollen and other air pollutants that are endemic in spring to ensure that ventilation is kept clean before the summer heat arrives.

Check the drain
Higher humidity in summer will cause more condensate to drain from the drain. Ensure that the discharge ports are unblocked and in a normal working condition so that they can handle the increased flow. Since condensate is sometimes mixed with compressor oil, it should be treated before the water is discharged directly to the drain. Check the filters and separator tanks of the processing unit to make sure they are still running.

Clean the cooler
Imagine wearing a sweater and clothes in the hot summer weather-it will affect the way you sweat and the way your body regulates your body temperature. The same is true for your air compressor. Blockage or blockage of the cooler will cause the air compressor to overheat in the hot summer, so it is necessary to ensure that the cooler is clean before being heated.

Adjust the water cooling system
On a water-cooled compressor, the temperature of the water entering the system is adjusted to compensate for the increase in ambient temperature and to ensure that it is suitable for summer conditions.

So let us work together step by step to ensure that our compressors can easily welcome the summer!