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How to Maintain the Air Compressor

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Air compressor maintenance items:

1.Replace the air filter;
2.Replace the oil filter;
3.Replace the oil and gas separator;
4.Replace the lubricating oil;

Specific operation methods (The following operations must be powered off when shutting down and make sure there is no pressure in the machine.)

1.Replace the air filter
Remove the screw at the end of the air filter cover, remove the end of the cover, remove the air filter locking screw, take out the air filter, install the new filter, press the reverse Steps to replace the filter and cover.

2.To replace the oil filter
Use a special tool to lock the bottom of the filter and turn it forward to unscrew the filter. Use a clean cloth to clean the bottom of the filter and apply a little oil on the seal ring of the new oil filter. , Install a new filter, and lock it with a special tool.

3.Replace the oil and gas separator
The method of replacing oil and gas separator is the same as replacing the oil filter.

4.Replace the lubricating oil
When the temperature of changing lubricating oil is 30 to 60℃, the viscosity will decrease and it will not be hot, and it will also drain the residual oil of the unit. Therefore, if the oil is cold when changing the oil, first turn it on and run it for 2-3 minutes. Oil change should ensure security unit can be conducted without pressure. First disassemble the oil filling nut of the oil-gas separation barrel and prepare the residual oil with a suitable container. Open the oil drain valve under the barrel, and turn the head pulley by hand from time to time to drain the oil stored in the head. 
After the oil is completely drained, close the drain valve. Inject new lubricating oil, and turn the head pulley by hand from time to time to facilitate the suction of oil into the pipe and the machine head. Oiling, the amount of injected oil-impregnated glass after 2 (this is an empirical value, for an actual oil level observed at startup and load state) ~ 3cm, after injection oil well, the fuel injection means and the locking nut, remove the air Valve, from the nose inject a small amount of lubricating oil into the air inlet, and the amount of oil is only two-thirds of the submerged rotor. Install the air inlet valve. Clean the surface of each part of the air compressor.
After the test machine is powered on, start the air compressor directly, listen to whether the sound is abnormal, observe whether there is oil leakage, and see whether the oil level is appropriate (the oil level should be observed during loading, and the position should be on the oil level mirror. Between 1/2~2/3), otherwise, put more and less make up.
After confirming that there is no abnormality, install the side panel, the rear side panel, and you are done.

Elang believes that customer will not only use the air compressor but also maintain good air compressor.