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How to Prolong The Service Life of Screw Air Compressor?

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1. Change the air filter of the air compressor

We move the air filter to a clean, dry and well ventilated place outside the machine room no more than 10m away from the air compressor; In order to improve the dust collection capacity of the air filter, 4 are added inside × 4. There are 30 layers of filter screen, or appropriate air compressor oil is used, and the flow rate of air in the filter shall not exceed 1 ~ 1.5m/s. The air sucked by the air compressor is pre purified to ensure the normal gas consumption of the air compressor and reduce the noise. When the sound of the air compressor is abnormal, it can be heard and handled in time.

2. Improved cooling system

1) Cooling mode
The cooling water of the water cooling system before the improvement is first supplied to the intercooler, and the outlet water temperature has increased, and then enters the stage 1 and 2 cylinders and oil cooler respectively in three ways. When the ambient temperature is low in winter, this cooling method has little impact on the normal operation of the air compressor. In summer, due to the high ambient temperature itself, the inlet water temperature of the air compressor is about 30℃, The outlet temperature reaches about 45 ℃, which exceeds the requirements of water inlet temperature ≤ 20 ℃ and drainage temperature ≤ 40 ℃ of screw air compressor, resulting in overheating operation of screw air compressor.

2) Cooling system descaling
The cooler shall be descaled once every half a year. The scale and carbon deposit in the cooler and water pipe can be descaled by mechanical method first and then chemical method;

3. Rational use of lubricating oil
Strictly control the oil quality and quantity of lubricating oil. If the quality is poor or the use is large, the lubricating oil will be mixed with dust and become hardened. Under a certain temperature and pressure, it will be mixed with the organic matter in the lubricating oil and coked into black oil residue to form carbon deposition. The lubricating oil shall be replaced in time according to the season and temperature changes.