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Installation Preparation for Oil Free Compressor

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When we well received Elang oil free water lubricant air compressor ,we need to make sure the compressor room is suitable to install air compressor.

The space of the working environment must communicate with the outside air:1. 1M space is guaranteed on all sides, and the top requirement is higher than 1.5M;

2. The ambient temperature should be controlled within 3-35 ℃ as the best, the limit should not exceed 40 ℃
3. The compressor unit can be laid flat 100mm above the ground (cement foundation).
4. The quality grade of compressed air can be selected according to the accuracy grade of the dryer and filter.
5.Tap water tower (plastic / stainless steel): should be equipped with overflow and sewage outlets;
6. The drop height of the water outlet of the water tank and the water inlet height of the unit are guaranteed to be 1.5 meters;

To replace the filters can make sure the air compressor smooth
The ionizer should be replaced regularly for the water softener components. (The service life of the resin is about one year. It is recommended to do water quality testing every 6 months, depending on the water quality requirements, if the water quality is hard, shorten the replacement cycle)
It is recommended to add a water purifier between the water softener and the tap water outlet.
When the oil-free water-lubricated air compressor is in operation, the lubricating water provides functions such as lubrication, cooling, and sealing. Therefore, the efficiency and performance of the compressor are closely related to the water quality. In order to prevent damage to the cooler and pipelines of air compressors caused by corrosion, scale and other unclean substances, it is required to change the pure water every 300 hours. The source of pure water must comply with the following relevant water quality requirements:
If the above water quality cannot be provided, it can be replaced by barreled (domestic) pure water.