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Is lubricating Oil Emulsification Terrible?

Time : 2022-06-17 Hits : 56

Air compressors are needed in many industrial fields. Lubricating oil emulsification is one of the common problems of air compressor, seriously affecting the use of compressors, this article takes the rotary screw air compressor as an example, analyzes the emulsification of lubricating oil of air compressor and solutions.

The cause of emulsification of lubricating oil:

1. Causes of water:
The working environment is humid for a long time, and the inhaled air moisture is too large, the condensate and the oil are not separated;

2. Causes of air:
The load rate is not high,which will lead to emulsification of the lubricating oil;

3. Causes of oil:
3.1. The use of inferior lubricating oil.3.2. The lubricating oil injected screw air compressor is used for too long, and the oil performance indicators change.

4. Cause of the device:
4.1. The cooler collects too much water. When the cooler collects water for a long time, the water will enter the cylinder (compressed air) and then flow into the body, so that the oil emulsifies, so the cooler should often drain water.4.2. Air filter blockage. When the air filter is blocked, screw compressor oil is used continuously in a relatively sealed environment, with high internal pressure and high temperature, which simply damages the function of the screw compressor oil.

The cause of emulsification of lubricating oil:

1.Observation method:
Organic oil pump abnormal sound, oil pressure instability and spindle pad temperature control device alarm and other phenomena.

2.Touch method:
If the finger feels significant friction during the grinding process, it proves that the impurity content in the lubricating oil exceeds the standard and should be replaced immediately.

The harm of lubricating oil emulsification to air compressors:

Lubricating oil emulsification can cause compressor downtime, affect normal production. The emulsification of the lubricating oil in the screw air compressor includes: the compressor spare parts of motor bearing is stuck, the rotor is damaged, etc.
If the screw compressor oil emulsion time is long, the body temperature is too high, and there is an abnormal sound, the compressor host should be disassembled, cleaned, and the wear of each component should be checked, and then reassembled.

Before starting every day, open the oil valve, release the water, and close the oil discharge valve when the screw compressor oil is seen, especially for the air compressor site gas consumption is too low or the oil temperature is not more than 80 degrees for a long time. The service life of the screw compressor oil is about 2000 hours, but the specific need depends on the working conditions.