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Reasons and Preventive Measures of Air Compressor Air end Block

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As we all know, the block of the air end of oil injected screw air compressor is a very serious failure, which will lead to delay in production and high maintenance costs, and cause relatively large economic losses.
Therefore, being proficient and mastering the reasons for the block of air end of the oil injected screw air compressor has a very important guiding significance for quickly solving equipment failures and avoiding and preventing serious faults of the screw air compressor. The common reasons as following:

1. Air compressor bearings are aged and worn seriously

The service life of the air end in screw air compressor is the service life of the bearing, and the air end bearing has an important influence on the service life of the air end on screw air compressor. With the long-term production and operation of the air compressor, the bearings of the air end in rotary screw compressor will inevitably wear, when the bearing wear and the matching clearance of the air end exceed the allowable limit, the air end will block.
Preventive measures:Regularly inspect and maintain the air compressor. During the maintenance process, the bearings should be specially inspected. Check the bearing clearance, whether there is shaking or wear. If abnormal conditions such as bearing shaking and wear are found, the bearing should be replaced in time.

2.Insufficient oil supply and low oil level

Insufficient oil supply and low oil level of the screw air compressor, including untimely replacement or addition of lubricating oil, or blockage and leakage of oil circuit, will cause the bearings at both ends of the screw rotor to lose lubrication during operation, resulting in serious bearing wear, resulting in the male rotors and female rotors stuck.
Preventive measures:pay attention to the daily maintenance and regular maintenance of the screw air compressor, check the oil level on time, and replenish the lubricating oil in time to avoid the air end stuck due to lack of oil.

3.Insufficient lubricating oil in the air compressor air end after long time shutdown

When the screw air compressor is out of operation for a long time, its internal parts, especially the oil in the air end will be insufficient. When the compressor is started without attention, it will cause an instant lack of oil, resulting in the air end stuck.
Preventive measures:For the screw air compressor that has been shut down for a long time, add enough oil to the air end before starting the machine, turn it manually for 3 to 5 seconds and emergency stop to enable oil to the system steply, repeat several times, and then start the air compressor for normal working.

4.Oil quality

Because the oil is not changed in time, or the oil quality is not good, there are too many impurities, and the lubricating oil contains impurities, carbon deposits, coking, and rust spots; the use of inferior lubricating oil or extended use will easily lead to the air end in screw air compressor stuck after a long time operation.
Preventive measures:Use high-quality lubricating oil which is professional designed for screw air compressors, carry out maintenance in strict accordance with the replacement regulations for air compressor lubricating oil, and regularly sample and analyze the screw compressor’s lubricating oil to ensure the quality of the unit's lubricating oil.

5.Stuck by impurities from air inlet

When a impurities inlet from the air filter, it is extremely likely to cause a stuck of air end.
Preventive measures:Check and replace the air filter regularly to ensure that the air entering the air compressor is clean.

6.The air end is stuck in reverse

When the screw air compressor reverses, the thrust generated by the compressed air will push the rotor to the discharge end, causing the metal to contact and sinter and get stuck. Therefore, it generally occurs only when the protection fails, or when the motor wiring is replaced, the switch is replaced, etc.

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