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Why is The Air Flow is Insufficient in Air Compressors?

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The rated airflow of an air compressor is one of the most important indicators of an air compressor, which is an important indicator to meet the production process of a production line.In the use of air compressors, there are often situations where the air flow is suddenly not enough, and the reasons for this should be investigated in the following way:

1. Increase in the amount of air used by the client
Elang WorkshopIf the client's air consumption is greater than the rated air flow of the compressor, the pressure of the compressor cannot reach its rated exhaust pressure point. At this point, the user's direct feedback is that the pressure is insufficient and lower than the original working pressure.
Solution: At this point, you should check whether the air consumption at the back end has increased, for example, whether the air load has become larger (such as the increase in air consumption caused by the wear and tear of the nozzle diameter in the textile industry, the increase in air consumption caused by the increase in air-using equipment at the back end, etc.), or whether there is air leakage in the intermediate air transmission pipeline, etc.

2. Problems with air compressor units
The main cause points are:
① The relief valve is unloaded when it should not be unloaded.
Elang WorkshopSolution: Check whether each relief valve is stuck in the main, resulting in inability to close and keep releasing air.
② The air filter element is blocked, resulting in low air intake.
Solution: Take off the air filter and test drive it briefly to see if the pressure is raised (note that during the test ensure that debris does not enter the head).
③ The drive speed is reduced.
Solution: The head, motor and other shafts are broken, the head gearbox wears out, the belt slips and loses speed, the frequency converter is set at the wrong rated frequency, etc.; if available, use a tachometer to test the driving speed and compare the actual speed with the rated speed.
④ Tolerance adjustment advance action.
Solution: With the tolerance pressure valve, you can adjust the pressure of the tolerance adjustment (generally tighten the tolerance knob clockwise) and observe whether the air inlet valve is further opened.
⑤ The intake valve is stuck and cannot be opened or cannot be fully opened.
⑥ The intake valve is stuck and cannot be opened or cannot be fully opened.
Solution: Disassemble the suction duct to observe the intake valve plate opening (piston intake valve to see the intake piston open stroke) whether in the maximum open position.
⑥ Wrong pressure setting for unloading and frequency conversion.
Solution: Check if the panel unloading and unloading or variable frequency pressure is set correctly.

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